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Subscription Packages

Our annual subscription packages are conveniently bundled so that you can get access to as little or as much as you need. Start by deciding if you want a Business DNA (BDNA), Financial DNA (FDNA), or DNA Consultant package, depending on your business type. Then, choose your desired subscription level: just the basics, expanded access, or a weighted blend of business and financial insights. You may also want to explore our extensive consulting services and ISV Partnership Program.



Designed for Financial Professionals Working with Clients

FDNA Individual

If you only need basic insights into how your clients work with advisors and make financial decisions, the FDNA Individual package will give you what you need.

Insights: Basic FDNA Insights

System Features: Basic System Features

FDNA Small Firm

If you are looking to differentiate yourself in the financial advice world by truly getting to know your clients’ behavioral patterns, you want the FDNA Small Firm package. It will help you understand them well as individuals and help them succeed on their own terms.

Insights: Basic + Premium FDNA Insights

System Features: Expanded System Features

FDNA Office

If you have multiple advisors interested in differentiating themselves and providing great client experiences, you want the FDNA Office package.

Insights: All BDNA + All FDNA Insights

System Features: All Systems Features



Designed for Leaders Working with People Inside Their Own Organization

BDNA Basic

If you are looking to provide a quick one-page overview to participants to get a general idea of their work talents, the BDNA Basic package is for you.

Insights: Basic BDNA Insights

System Features: Basic System Features

BDNA Advanced

For people looking to really understand the behavioral patterns that underpin our decision-making, how we communicate, and environments that set people up for success at work, you want the BDNA Advanced package.

Insights: Basic + Premium BDNA Insights

System Features: Expanded System Features

BDNA Enterprise

If you are working inside a mid-to-large sized organization and want deep behavioral insights for your full organization at your fingertips, you want the Enterprise package. It contains everything in the Advanced package, plus key financial insights to help you anticipate how people make money decisions at work.

Insights: Basic + Premium BDNA Insights + Basic FDNA Insights

System Features: All Systems Features



Designed for External Consultants Working with Teams/Leaders

DNA Consultant

If you want it all, you want the Consultant package, which gives you access to all the insights.

Insights: All BDNA + All FDNA Insights

System Features: All System Features


ISV Partners

Our ISV Partnership Program starts at $60,000 per year, payable in monthly instalments of $5,000. For more information about how it works and what level of service you need, schedule a 15-minute call.

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Training Services

We offer the following training services to DNA Consultants, coaches, advisors, leaders, and those interested in learning more about behavioral insights.


Accreditation Training ($1,500 per person)

Certification Training ($2,500 per person)


To learn more or to schedule a training session, please contact us. You can also view additional details in our training brochure.

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Ad-Hoc Consulting Services

In addition to the learning opportunities available to our DNA Consultant Partners and leaders, we also offer the ad-hoc consulting services listed below. Our consulting services are customized based on the degree of expertise required, the number of people involved and the amount of time that is needed. The minimum fee is $250 for a 30-minute consultation.

Screening Candidates 
Digital Twins 

Team Performance and Talent Development
Online Team Awareness 
Team Decision-Making 

Identity Exploration and Leadership Development
60-minute Identity Interview 
Leadership/Identity Coaching 

Client-Centered Business Design
Design Meeting 
Digital Twins 

Family Facilitation for Continuity Planning 

Behavior Tech Implementation 

Keynote Presentations 

Customized “Behaviorally SMART™” Workshops 

To learn more or to schedule a consulting session, please contact us.

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