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Our purpose-driven software and behavioral experts work together to best meet your business needs.

Insights We Provide

Our app lets you toggle between insights most relevant to the employee or client experience.


Key behavioral insights can be integrated into your favorite web tools and custom applications.

Build Your Behavioral Expertise

Our behavioral experts can help you get the most out of our technology through training programs, customized workshops, and more.

Attend Events and Webinars

Register for one of our online events so you can get focused guidance on the practical uses of our platform and have your questions answered.

Understand the Science

Learn how we use the forced-choice scoring methodology to accurately predict a person's core personality traits and behavioral style.

Access Additional Resources

Reinforce your understanding of how BeSci Tech can create a life-changing shift in the way people think, make decisions, run their businesses, and relate to others.

Our Business & People

Get a little background on our business and take a peek at the behavioral style reports of our team members!

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Accelerate Business Success Scientifically

You Can Create Optimal Employee and Client Experiences by Using Data-Driven Behavioral Insights


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Leverage Our Behavioral Science (BeSci) Technology

Whether you’re a leader in an organization, an advisor, or a corporation looking to invigorate your existing applications, our mobile-enable desktop app provides valuable insights that will help you meet your unique business needs.

The data-driven platform generates extensive insights into work talents as well as financial behaviors. Those insights are bundled in a way that provides a weighted blend of the most relevant insights for the way you do business. Whether your focus is on employees or clients, we’ll make sure you have the knowledge you need to build a stronger business on the inherent strengths of people.

Training and Services Are Built Into Your Subscription!

Don't won't be on your own. Our behavioral experts, as well as Gene AI, are here to make sure you have the support you need to effectively apply our 4,000+ insights. Your subscription includes training as well as customizable one-on-one and group consulting programs that focus on your unique business goals and needs.

Get to Know the Natural Talents, Personality Traits, and Financial Behaviors of Employees and Clients

When you subscribe to DNA Behavior, you get access to behavior and money insights all in one platform. You'll find a customizable dashboard with a modern, easy-to-use interface that makes working with the data pretty simple. With the click of a button, you can toggle between insights most relevant either to the employee or client experience.

Drive the Employee Experience (EX)

  • Work Talent Insights for Building a People-Centric Culture
  • Insights Focused on Personal Productivity, Hiring, Team Alignment, and Leadership Development
  • Select Financial Behavior Insights to Help Guide Practical Decision-Making
  • Side-by-Side Team Member Behavior Comparison
  • Shareable Profiles for Introducing Team Members to Each Other
  • Extensive Behavioral Benchmarks for Every Role
  • Communication Keys for Managing Differences
  • The Advanced Tools of Gene AI for Connecting with Your Coworkers and Team

Drive the Client Experience (CX)

  • Financial Behavior Insights for Practical Decision-Making
  • Insights Focused on Saving Habits, Budgeting, Setting Goals, and Risk Appetite
  • Select Work Talent Insights for People-Centric Firm Management
  • Side-by-Side Behavior Comparison for Client/Relationship Manager Matching
  • Communication Keys for Client Relationship Building at Every Interaction
  • Real-time Market MoodTM Prediction Tool
  • Behavioral Bias Identifier
  • The Advanced Tools of Gene AI for Emotionally Engaging with and Marketing to Your Client Base

Which Insights Do You Need?



Work Talent Insights: Align Your Team

Designed for Teams, Leaders of Organizations, HR Departments, and More


Organizational decision-making can be more science and less intuition when you have a deeper understanding of what each team member inherently brings to the table. Whether you are matching employees with teams or account managers with clients, you’ll have a better outcome when you know how each person communicates, invests, works, and lives.

Learn More About Work Talents



Financial Behavior Insights: Understand Your Clients

Designed for Wealth Managers and Other Service-Based Businesses


We’ll help you power wealth management and financial decision-making with insights geared toward clients and advisors. Money is a compelling motivator of behavior. By understanding someone’s attitude about finances, you can customize your language, strategy, and approach for greater success.

Learn More About Financial Behavior



Enterprise API: Manage Differences at Scale

A Scalable, Reliable, and Customizable Solution for Larger Firms


You can add a human element to your existing organizational data by incorporating our API as the “behavioral chip.” With the behavior and money insights generated, you can create the ideal environment for your employees and clients based on their distinct styles. You’ll be able to consider factors like communication, spending patterns, the propensity to take risks, and behavioral biases when making high-stakes decisions.

Enterprise API

 ISV Partnership Brochure (PDF)

Our Technology is Built to Align and Balance Your Life

Capitalize on

Learn how strongly you rank for certain traits like "planned" versus "spontaneous" or "patient" versus "fast-paced." This information can empower you to make life, career, and financial decisions that align with your inherent strengths and lead to better decision-making.

Minimize Struggles
Maximize Energy

Have you ever wondered why you were so drained after successfully completing a task? You were likely working outside of your inherent behavior style instead of using your strengths. 

Appreciate the
Ability to Adapt

Never put people in a box just because of their inherent behavior style. Adapting is necessary for success. With self-awareness, you make a conscious choice and have a deeper understanding of people. So, you control what you decide, assign, or take on. 


When you analyze happiness, it turns out that the way you spend your time is extremely important.

- Daniel Kahneman, Author, Psychologist, and Economist


How Do We Do It?

The DNA Behavior cloud-based application takes your employees and clients through a 10-minute discovery process that produces reliable data-driven results that you can act on immediately. It’s the only psychometric platform focused on behavior styles and money attitudes. Because we use a forced-choice scoring model, it allows for greater depth and breadth of the insights, removing the situational bias common with other models.

The DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process has
reliability in predicting natural behavior.
– DNA Behavior, 2009-2021

Interactive and Presentation-Ready Dashboard

The app’s interactive dashboard makes it easy to find the information you need without digging through layers of complicated data. Instead, you will find colorful charts and graphs, comparison tools at the click of a button, and a presentation mode that makes sharing insights both simple and professional.


What Behaviorally Smart Business Leaders Are Saying

Testimonials - Jake Northrup
“I actually have prospects take the Financial DNA questionnaire between prospect meeting 1 and prospect meeting 2. I’ve seen my close rate sky-rocket – it’s a huge differentiator.”
Jake Northrup
Founder & Financial Planner, Experience Your Wealth | Investment News 40 Under 40 | Investopedia Top 100 Advisor
Testimonials - Keita Demming
“I had to discover and then accept that I was creative because the world had taught me that I wasn’t… I have come to realize, partly through DNA Behavior, partly through looking at the trajectory of my life…you’ve been creative in all kinds of ways…The creativity has come in the form of education, creating workshops, etc."
Keita Demming
CEO, The Covenant Group

Need a Consultation?

Our solutions don’t stop with technology. We are here to help you get started and get the most out of our products. We provide an array of consultation services that cover training and implementation.

Consultation Services


Take a Look for Yourself

We’ve made using behavioral insights a reality in 125 countries by solving significant relationship, productivity, and decision-making challenges. If you’re not sure if this is the right solution for your own business, why not let us show you around?

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