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Sometimes the best way to visualize the potential of a product is to hear from people who have used it. Below you will find a few stories shared by our clients that should help you see how our platform is being used in the real world.

We also have a Behaviorally Smart™ video series featuring Identity Conversations with various leaders who use DNA Behavior systems. Learn more about the leaders below and many others by watching their videos.

Rick Kent

Founder & CEO, Merit Financial Advisors

Product: Financial DNA

DNA Style: Initiator

Client Profiles_Rick Kent

Rick has always believed that self-awareness is key to leadership and life. He has used Financial DNA insights to help his clients become more aware of themselves and their own strengths as part of his mission to serve and grow financial literacy in others. Through his companies, Merit Financial and Mentoro, Rick has become a clear leader in financial literacy education and financial planning. 

For me, it was very confirming, you think you have a handle on who you are as you become more self-aware, but its confirming to have science back those feelings you have and what you think about who you are. We use DNA Behavior quite a bit at our firm and we use it in our interview process to give us a head start in understanding that person.


Ami Lotke

President, Maximum Impact Partners

Product: Business DNA

DNA Style: Influencer

Client Profiles_Ami Tully Lotka

Ami helps her clients make better connections with their clients. She uses observation and listening to teach people to be themselves for maximum success, then shows them how to tighten up with good process. At her company, Maximum Impact Partners, she helps sales teams do more and build better relationships by understanding themselves and their clients. She helps leaders lead more effectively by adapting to the unique DNA Behaviors on the team.

Business DNA is a critical component of how we assess the way that a team operates together. Business DNA provides a shorthand insight that without the years of just spending doing nothing but observing, Business DNA takes all that and puts it down onto one piece of paper and I feel like it’s mostly illuminating for a management team to understand the simple concept that someone who is highly analytical is going to approach the sales process in a different way than someone who is a really spontaneous person. What I’ve witnessed in the past is that managers who are very analytical want their salespeople to have a more analytical approach, so I really feel like opening the door to say look, this is successful AND this is successful and your job as a manager is to encourage each of these natural behaviors and not do the impossible task of changing natural behavior but make the most of what each individual has to offer.


Clayton Delany

Founder & CEO, Finwello

Product: ISV Partner

DNA Style: Adapter

Client Profiles_Clayton Delaney_

Clayton’s highly creative and pioneering spirit has led him to launch Finwello, a financial wellness app using DNA Behavior insights to customize actions and next steps for individuals to meet their financial goals. As an ISV Partner with DNA Behavior, Clayton’s app is positioned to provide financial guidance at scale for organizations looking to provide some financial wellness guidance for employees.

We are using DNA Behavior insights to better understand how people engage and interact with their finances across saving, spending, borrowing, and planning, and then being able to use those insights to help them move towards the outcomes they want to achieve and leveraging technology to do that. Certainly, I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of the businesses that we have and how we are integrating things without that trip to Atlanta to visit DNA Behavior.