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Our behavioral experts can help you get the most out of our technology through training programs, customized workshops, webinars, and more.

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Reinforce your understanding of how behavioral technology can create a life-changing shift in the way people think, make decisions, run their businesses, and relate to others.

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Get a little background on our business and take a peek at the behavioral style reports of our team members!

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Learn how we use the forced-choice scoring methodology to accurately predict natural behavior.

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DNA Behavior Authors Featured on Nasdaq

Hugh Massie and Leon Morales are regular contributors on You can access a library of recently published articles from these DNA Behavior leaders here.


View Articles by Hugh Massie - Executive Chairman and Founder

Latest: "Sleep Savvy: Your Financial Friend"

October 27, 2023


View Articles by Leon Morales - President and Chief Energy Officer

Latest: "The Unstoppable Formula: How to Achieve Business Success by Merging Data and Human Understanding"

November 3, 2023


Hugh Massie Explains How Knowing Your Behavioral Identity is the Key to Health

October 13, 2023

Hugh Massie, founder of DNA Behavior, joined host André Brisson on "The Impulsive Thinker" podcast to discuss the importance of knowing your behavioral identity. See what he has to say about owning your personal strengths as well as your struggles in order to live your best life!

DNA Behavior on The Impulsive Thinker


Hugh Massie Featured on "Prime Life" Podcast

October 10, 2023

DNA Behavior's founder, Hugh Massie, is on a mission to empower individuals to reduce stress, find greater happiness, achieve more success, and enjoy better health. Ready to learn his secrets? Listen to the Prime Life Podcast and discover how you can transform your relationship with money and reduce stress!

DNA Behavior on Prime Life


Hugh Massie Brings DNA Behavior to CNTV

July 22, 2023

CNTV Host & Business Advocate, Gary Atencio, teamed up with Money Energy Pioneer, Hugh Massie, to unravel the secrets of being "The Best of" in your industry. Watch their insightful discussion to learn how behavioral alignment and a high level of money consciousness can help anyone excel in their field!

DNA Behavior on CNTV


Hugh Massie Featured on "Conscious Living" Podcast

June 27, 2023

Money energy pioneer Hugh Massie and "Conscious Living" host Jackie Woodside discussed the interconnected realms of money, behavior, and relationships. Listen in to get invaluable insights, practical tips, and transformative perspectives that empower you to create a harmonious relationship with your finances!

Conscious Living: Mastering Your Money Energy with Hugh Massie


Hugh Massie Featured on "Taking Flight: EO Atlanta" Podcast

June 14, 2023

Hugh Massie, DNA Behavior chairman and founder (as well as founder of Befi Global), joined "Taking Flight: EO Atlanta" host Sarah Tourville to discuss the power of quantum living. They explored financial freedom, mentorship, and leadership behavior. Learn about Hugh's entrepreneurial journey and the importance of getting your purpose right!

Taking Flight: EO Atlanta: Financial Freedom and Mentorship


Hugh Massie Featured on "Evolvepreneur (After Hours)" Show

June 12, 2023

DNA Behavior chairman and founder Hugh Massie joined "Evolvepreneur (After Hours)" host Richard Wray to uncover strategies that can fast-track your business. Listen in as they reveal the secrets of making entrepreneurial quantum leaps and achieving extraordinary success in your business!

Evolvepreneur: Entrepreneurial Quantum Leaps


Hugh Massie Featured on "Conscious Millionaire" Podcast

May 30, 2023

DNA Behavior chairman and founder Hugh Massie joined "Conscious Millionaire" host JV Crum III to discuss his favorite topic...exponential growth. Discover the secrets of high sales success and making a positive difference in the world. Scroll down to Episode 2706 to listen in as he shares his inspirational thoughts on how to think BIG!

Conscious Millionaire #2706: Hugh Massie: Entrepreneurial Quantum Leaps


DNA Behavior Featured on "Money Matters" Podcast

May 22, 2023

DNA Behavior chairman and founder Hugh Massie spoke with Ruth King of Contractor Cents on the "Money Matters" podcast. He discussed the true nature of money as an energy flow and strategies to make empowered financial decisions based on your beliefs. Listen in to learn how to get unstuck moneywise, and unlock your potential!

Money Matters - Money is Energy Flow


DNA Behavior Featured on the "Get Real!" Show

April 6, 2023

We were honored to be hosted by Meg Hanington and Genevieve E. Thayer on their Get Real! TV Show. We discussed how our behavior and money insights are benefiting thousands of advisors and their clients. If you want to learn more about how to Know, Engage, and Grow your clients, listen in!

Get Real! - Part I

Get Real! - Part II


New DNA Behavior App Launch

March 1, 2023

DNA Behavior has just launched an all-new web app with a modernized, easy-to-use interface. Financial DNA, Business DNA, and Communication DNA are now all rolled into one more flexible and robust behavioral platform. It will be unveiled during a special online event on March 14, 2023. Registrants will get a first-hand look at the customizable dashboard, side-by-side comparison reports, full-screen presenter mode, and a host of other new features.  

Register for (or View Past) Special Online Events


DNA Behavior Year-end Letter

December 22, 2022

DNA Behavior founder and money energy pioneer Hugh Massie wraps up 2022 by sharing his reflections on money energy, and introduces the latest upgrades to the features and functionality to our behavior technology. The goal, as always, is to uncover what drives human behavior so we can more consciously make decisions that impact our lives. We thank you for being a part of the behavior and money insights revolution, and wish you increased happiness, success, and health in the new year!

Read the Year-end Letter on LinkedIn Pulse


Leon Morales Named as President of DNA Behavior

November 3, 2022

Long-time DNA Behavior leader Leon Morales has now been handed the dual role of company President and Chief Energy Officer. This recalibration of roles is a prime example of DNA behavioral data and tech in action. This change allows us to align his natural strengths as an Initiator to where he can be most effective.

Learn More About Our Team and Their Behavior Styles


"Mastering Your Money Energy" White Paper Released

October 20, 2022

Hugh Massie, founder of DNA Behavior and money energy pioneer, has just made his groundbreaking research available to the public. This white paper is an exploration into how one's relationship with money can either block or open up opportunities. Readers will learn how to tap into this resource for increased happiness, success, and health.

Learn More and Access the White Paper