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Latest: "Let’s Take the Elephant Out of the Room"

January 17, 2023


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Latest: "Money Energy EQ for Better-Informed Go/No-Go Decisions"

January 10, 2023


DNA Behavior Year-end Letter

December 22, 2022

DNA Behavior founder and money energy pioneer, Hugh Massie, wraps up 2022 by sharing his reflections on money energy, and introduces the latest upgrades to the features and functionality to our behavior technology. The goal, as always, is to uncover what drives human behavior so we can more consciously make decisions that impact our lives. We thank you for being a part of the behavior and money insights revolution, and wish you increased happiness, success, and health in the new year!

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Leon Morales Named as President of DNA Behavior

November 3, 2022

Long-time DNA Behavior leader, Leon Morales, has now been handed the dual role of company President and Chief Energy Officer. This recalibration of roles is a prime example of DNA behavioral data and tech in action. This change allows us to align his natural strengths as an Initiator to where he can be most effective.

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"Mastering Your Money Energy" White Paper Released

October 20, 2022

Hugh Massie, founder of DNA Behavior and money energy pioneer, has just made his groundbreaking research available to the public. This white paper is an exploration into how one's relationship with money can either block or open up opportunities. Readers will learn how to tap into this resource for increased happiness, success, and health.

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