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Our purpose-driven software and behavioral experts work together to best meet your business needs.

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Our app lets you toggle between insights most relevant to the employee or client experience.


Key behavioral insights can be integrated into your favorite web tools and custom applications.

Build Your Behavioral Expertise

Our behavioral experts can help you get the most out of our technology through training programs, customized workshops, and more.

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Register for one of our online events so you can get focused guidance on the practical uses of our platform and have your questions answered.

Understand the Science

Learn how we use the forced-choice scoring methodology to accurately predict a person's core personality traits and behavioral style.

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Reinforce your understanding of how BeSci Tech can create a life-changing shift in the way people think, make decisions, run their businesses, and relate to others.

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Get a little background on our business and take a peek at the behavioral style reports of our team members!

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Connected Apps

Integrating Behavior Intelligence Into Your Favorite Tools


Transform Your Workflow With DNA Behavior's API and Integrated Apps

At DNA Behavior, it's not just personality traits that we measure. We have a full array of insights, touching on how individuals work, live, communicate, make decisions, and even relate to money. This bundle of information can serve as a transformative tool when it comes to human interactions. When integrated into your workflow, this wealth of behavioral insights can dramatically reshape how your business operates. From customer interactions to team dynamics, knowing more about the people involved turns every action or interaction into an opportunity for success.

Connected Apps of DNA Behavior (2)

Gene AI: Your Built-in Personal Assistant

Allow us to introduce Gene AI, our behavioral expert exclusively available in the DNA Web App. Designed with security in mind, Gene is trained in all facets of DNA Behavior and serves as your go-to resource for leveraging behavioral insights. Think of Gene as an expert who's got all the training you might not have time for, and who also happens to be a pro at creating emails, scripts, presentations, and behavioral de-briefs.

Curious about what else Gene can do?

Learn More About Gene AI

DNA Behavior Gene AI (1)

DNA API: A Custom Solution for Your Unique Needs

If you have a development team and you're interested in tailoring your apps to work seamlessly with DNA Behavior, our API is for you. Leverage our REST API to have full control over your data from any app you choose. This level of customization isn't included in the standard subscription, but if your business wants to tap into the full power of behavior and money insights, this is the solution you need. 

Schedule an API Demo

DNA Behavior DNA API

Connect Multiple Web Tools to DNA Behavior With Zapier

DNA Behavior Zapier Integrations

Zapier: Automate Your Work

Tired of juggling between apps? With Zapier, you can connect DNA Behavior to hundreds of other web tools, automating tasks that used to be manual. Integration with our platform means a variety of data points are shared with Zapier, including the Financial DNA 5-scores, Business DNA 5-scores, Communication Keys, and so much more!

Explore our pre-built "zaps" below   or build your own today!


Google Sheets

Integrate DNA Behavior's insights into Google Sheets to power your Google App with rich behavioral data, automating the creation of Google Docs, and Google Sheets and powering deep analytics.

  • Add Participants to Sheet: Import behavioral data as new rows into your existing Google Sheet
DNA Behavior and Google Sheets


Integrate DNA Behavior's insights into Hubspot to supercharge your CRM with rich behavioral data, making customer segmentation and outreach more personalized and effective.

  • Create Contacts: Import behavioral data to create richer, more complete profiles in Hubspot.
  • Update Contacts: Keep your Hubspot records up to date with the latest insights from DNA Behavior.
DNA Behavior and Hubspot Integration-1


With DNA Behavior's unique data points on behavior and money, you can craft Mailchimp campaigns that resonate on a deeper level, turning subscribers into loyal customers.

  • Add/Update Subscribers: Enhance your digital marketing by integrating rich behavior and money insights directly into Mailchimp.
DNA Behavior and Mailchimp Integration-1

Redtail CRM

Incorporate DNA Behavior's comprehensive insights into Redtail CRM to not only manage contacts but also to understand their behavioral nuances, making relationship-building a breeze.

  • Create Contacts: Load new contacts in Redtail CRM with a wealth of DNA Behavior data.
  • Update Contacts: Never miss an update by syncing your Redtail CRM records with real-time behavioral data.
DNA Behavior and Redtail CRM Integration-1


By merging DNA Behavior's actionable insights into Salesforce, you can tailor your sales, marketing, and service approaches using Salesforce's powerful enterprise cloud architecture.

  • Create Contacts: Kick off new relationships the right way by importing DNA Behavior insights into Salesforce.
  • Create Leads: Qualify and segment your leads better with enriched data.
  • Update Contacts: Maintain updated Salesforce contact information with continuous data from DNA Behavior.
  • Update Leads: Make lead nurturing more effective by refreshing Salesforce leads with the latest insights.
DNA Behavior and Salesforce Integration-1

Wealthbox CRM

Integrate DNA Behavior's data into Wealthbox to revolutionize your workflow. Know how your contacts make decisions and relate to money, empowering you to kick-start effective workflows.

  • Create Contacts: Create contacts in Wealthbox with ease, fueled by DNA Behavior data.
  • Start Workflows: Initiate processes in Wealthbox directly from the DNA Web App, making your operations more fluid and efficient.
DNA Behavior and Wealthbox CRM Integration-1

Connect to Third-Party Tools with Single Sign-on



Connect your DNA Behavior account with your Fidelity Wealthscape account. With this connection, you can originate from your Wealthscape account and effortlessly transition to your DNA Behavior account without re-entering login credentials.

DNA Behavior single sign on with Fidelity Wealthscape

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