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Money Traps for Families

August 15, 2023 @ 11am


Please join us for this special online learning workshop online that explores a revolutionary methodology for professionals who counsel families.

During this robust, one-hour introductory webinar:

  • Understand how navigating the three dimensions of money is potentially a complex puzzle for the family to solve.

  • Learn how the generators and holders of wealth think about money differently than the younger generations.

  • Address how the identity of the family leaders and the family itself play into their relationship to money and, therefore, family decisions.

  • Recognize how the energy of money is omnipresent in every family situation, interaction, and decision.

  • Discover the working formula for measuring how the quantum power of money impacts family members in different ways.

  • Enhance awareness of the impact of stress caused by money in terms of the triggered senses and perceptions in the heart, brain, and body.

  • Learn how to participate in and facilitate healthy money conversations in families to unblock the congestion in the family unit caused by money.

  • Appreciate how, in a quantum world that, money can be a curse and a barrier to exponential life growth for family members.

  • Recognize how control points into family structures can create entitlement and not empowerment.

  • Receive a complimentary copy of the "Mastering Your Money Energy White Paper."

Money Energy_Money Traps for Families Webinar
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