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Financial Behavior Insights

Hyper-Personalize the Client Experience


Powered by Financial DNA®


Go Deeper and Broader Than a Risk Profile to Understand Your Clients

Get firm-wide behavioral finance technology that uncovers everything you want to know about your clients’ inherent behavior styles and money attitudes. Our detailed insights power the entire financial planning and decision-making process with an award-winning financial behavior and risk analysis that goes far beyond what you get with traditional risk profiling tools. You instantly get the information you need to adjust your approach, connect with people, and provide more value. You’ll be able to understand what drives the decisions of your entire client base as well as your own team.

Our Risk Results Last a Lifetime!

Because we uncover a person's natural hard-wired behavioral style, the 10-minute discovery process only has to be completed once. Others require re-measurement of risk every six months.


Financial Behavior Tools for Relationship Managers

  • Financial Behavior Insights for Practical Decision-Making
  • Insights Focused on Saving Habits, Budgeting, Setting Goals, and Risk Appetite
  • Select Work Talent Insights for People-Centric Firm Management
  • Side-by-Side Behavior Comparison for Client/Relationship Manager Matching
  • Communication Keys for Client Relationship Building at Every Interaction
  • Real-time Market MoodTM Prediction Tool
  • Behavioral Bias Identifier
  • The Advanced Tools of Gene AI for Emotionally Engaging with and Marketing to Your Client Base
Solutions_Key Features_Desktop and Mobile

A Few Stats to Consider


DNA Behavior saves advisors an average of 2 hours or more per client per year.

– DNA Behavior, 2001–2023

The time saved equates to improved advisor productivity. If an advisor has 100 clients, for example, those 2 hours per client can save 200 hours and approximately $100,000 per year!

150 BPS

The proven value of behavioral coaching is 150 basis points (bps) to clients per year.

– Vanguard Alpha, 2014

For a client's assets under management (AUM) of 2.5M, this is a $37,500 value for that client.


56% of end clients who actively use a client portal make referrals to their advisor 2x more per year.

– eMoney, 2023

The DNA Behavior web app helps you create a personalized digital experience with your brand that your clients will want to share with others.

Practical Applications for Financial Behavior Insights


Predict the Market Mood of Your Clients

We track real-time market activity and match it with what we know about each client to predict how they feel about market changes. This measurement of Market Mood or Market Sentiment will tell you whether to expect fear, exuberance, or something in-between from that client at any given point in time. You’ll get easy-to-understand behavioral management tips and action items for investment advisors and Fintech applications. Clients can be behaviorally managed or “nudged” according to their financial behavior style in consideration of their Market Mood.

FDNA_Market Mood_Fearful-1

Match Advisors to Clients

Since it’s easier to work with people who have a similar behavioral style and approach to decision-making, we’ve created a quick and effective way to match advisors with clients. By pairing people using data-driven behavior metrics, those relationships will be easier to manage. There is no need to drain your energy by working with people with opposite behavior patterns when they could be a perfect fit for someone else in your advisory team or firm. When advisors are paired with the right client, you can expect performance as well as energy levels to improve.

FDNA_Style Match_Lily and Mary

Pinpoint Behavioral Biases

The reality is, we all have a set of biases that drive our decision-making which can lead to less-than-optimal outcomes. We recommend that advisors and investors acknowledge their own top biases and learn how they play into decision-making patterns. Recognizing the 16 primary behavioral biases that drive choices heightens your awareness, allowing you to have better control of outcomes.

FDNA_Behavioral Biases_Michael

Plan the Perfect Meeting Environment

People are as behaviorally diverse as their fingerprints are different. Some will prefer to meet one-on-one, while others will feel more comfortable with the whole team present. A casual coffee shop meeting may be ideal for one person, but another might prefer a formal conference room setting with plenty of information provided. These details matter when you want your clients to feel at ease and be able to focus on the decisions at hand. Our insights will help you determine when, where, and how to meet with every one of them.


Share Financial Behavior Insights with Clients

The world has moved beyond PDF reports, and so have we. Give your clients the “ah-ha” moment during a Zoom meeting or in your office by sharing a live view of the DNA App dashboard with them. You can access it on your mobile phone, computer or tablet and quickly navigate to the full-screen presenter mode. You’ll be able to pull up individual profiles to view graphs, charts, and insights that are easy to understand and act on. You can even customize the colors to match your branding!

DNA Behavior App on iPhone

What Behaviorally Smart Business Leaders Are Saying

Testimonials_FDNA_Frank Danielson
"Since integrating the Financial DNA profiles into our practice, we have benefitted greatly. It has enhanced communication, trust, role alignment, productivity, and lives in general. Further, our client meetings have become more productive as we fine-tune each meeting to the client's communication preferences."
Frank Danielson
Senior Financial Planner, Danielson Group Wealth Management Assante, Vancouver, Canada
Testimonials_FDNA_Jill Crawford
"Financial DNA was the first instrument to correctly report my overall naturally cautious risk style for decision-making, but recognizes because of my extensive financial education I may at times tolerate higher investment risk."
Jill Crawford
Wealth Manager, Merit Financial

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