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About DNA Behavior International

The World’s Only All-in-One BeSci Tech Platform


Our Story

Through his journey as a CPA, wealth manager, and entrepreneurial business leader, our Executive Chairman and Founder, Hugh Massie, noted that people would often make the same mistakes when making stressful decisions. He looked to science for a solution that would uncover the hard-wired patterns of behavior that drove those decisions.

The result of this vision was the founding of DNA Behavior International in 2001 as a behavioral sciences technology (BeSci Tech) business, which is now widely known as the “The Behavior and Money Insights Company."

The goal of this new venture was to discover, measure and manage the hidden influences of behavior and money attitudes in business and beyond. Employing the principles of behavioral science, Hugh found a way to uncover the unique behavioral identity of an individual, then align them for better decision-making and an enhanced relationship with people and money.

As a “reformed accountant” and money energy pioneer, he knew that this new level of self-awareness would make an exponential impact on the way people live, operate, interact, decide, invest, and do business. Most importantly, though, he realized that the result would reduce stress and infuse people with fresh energy and improved wellness.

Today, DNA Behavior helps a multitude of growth-minded leaders build people-centric businesses. Our BeSci Tech-enabled solutions allow clients to provide exceptional employee and client experiences at scale.

My purpose is to self-empower people globally with increased behavior and money consciousness to reduce stress and be happy, successful, and healthy for longer.

– Hugh Massie


Our BeSci Technology

Over 150 man-years went into creating DNA Behavior’s powerful data-driven technology systems. There is no limit to the number of ways businesses can use customized combinations of our behavior and money insights. Clients can either get direct access to the mobile-enabled desktop app or incorporate our technology into their own systems. Essentially, we offer the “behavioral chip” that allows individuals to shine and teams to excel to their greatest potential.

Our independently validated algorithms have the proven capability of identifying over 4,000 predictable behavioral insights with 97.1% reliability. The forced-choice scoring method was chosen to ensure this award-winning level of accuracy. We deploy our proprietary behavioral tech platform directly inside businesses so they can access simple, actionable, and scalable behavioral insights. This allows them to know, engage, and grow every employee, advisor, and client on a real-time basis.

DNA Behavior is currently serving over 2.5 million people annually in 125 countries. By 2030, we expect to affect over 1 billion behaviorally connected relationships with elevated heart engagement. We are committed to building a global movement tapping into the incredible energy of a diverse community.


About Us

Our Values

Hugh Massie founded DNA Behavior after he experienced the "psychological safety" benefits of sharing his own behavior style with his employees, clients, and family. He determined that if everyone could openly share their unique style, the world would be a better place.

Understanding people before numbers is the guiding principle that we still stand on today. Continuing with the original vision, we actively embody a "Know, Engage and Grow" people-centric culture that fosters both understanding and respect. Our technology builds on that by creating a professional and secure way to mutually and openly share their unique traits with others. We call this, “Knowing Me, Knowing You.”

We are committed to and hold ourselves accountable to the following six values in all of our dealings:

  • Operating with Meaning and Purpose
  • Delivering Innovative Solutions
  • Fostering Great Relationships
  • Reliable Execution
  • Serving with Fairness and Transparency
  • Providing Psychological Safety

People, Planet, and Profit

Core to how DNA Behavior operates is our sustainability strategy in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We are committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits so that we can have the maximum social impact. In particular, we are focused on the following:

Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3) is promoted through the financial wellness programs that we support.

Quality Education (SDG 4) is promoted through our programs being used in universities, schools, and a range of community development programs to help participants become more self-empowered. In addition, we support financial literacy globally.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) is promoted by giving people wonderful work opportunities who live in developing nations.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9) is promoted through our ISV Program. We power many emerging businesses globally so that they can become category kings in their markets by leveraging behavioral insights.

Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) is promoted by running a paperless business enabled by the digital transmission of our work.


Community Giving

DNA Behavior exists to help others discover the inherent strengths that make up their unique behavioral identity. We donate the time, talent, resources, and materials to help shape the hearts and minds of young leaders through partnerships with organizations and universities. In this way, we help students to leverage their behavioral talents, money attitudes, and a suited career path to maximize their potential.

To learn more about our work supporting youth development or to request a program for your organization, Contact Us.


Boys Without Fathers

In 2022, Hugh Massie and Leon Morales teamed up with DreamSmart Behavior Solutions to found Boys Without Fathers (BWF). DNA Behavior heavily supports this non-profit organization which works to mitigate the negative impacts of a father’s absence from the home when a boy is young. BWF provides behavioral-based coaching, training, education, and mentoring to empower boys growing up without fathers to become “men of influence.”

To learn more about Boys Without Fathers, please visit

Our Trademarks

DNA Behavior®

Business DNA®

Financial DNA®

Communication DNA®

Family DNA®

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