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DNA Consultant Package

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Behavior + Money Insights. The All-inclusive Option.

Implement behavioral science into your practice with this comprehensive package featuring our full suite of business and financial insights, customization features, and role-based access.

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Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
DNA Consultant
$ 370
$ 4,080
per consultant
Package Details:
Optimized for Coaches and Consultants
Participants Included
Unlimited Participants / Fixed-price Subscription to the Entire Suite of Behavioral Tools
Administrative Access
Administrative staff is given read-only access to the account.
Admin Users $50 per/mo
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DNA Consultant
Basic Business Insights
Unique Style
Each individual is assigned and grouped by one of the ten unique styles.
Work Talent 5-scores
The five most popular insights for Work Talents are Results vs. Relationships, Daring vs. Careful, Abstract vs Concrete, Systematic vs. Flexible, and Promoting vs. Operating.
Career Insights
Insights for hiring, placement, and role fit
Compare Two People
Side-by-side staff or client comparisons with available insights
Style Match
Identify the percentage of similarity or difference between any two people.
Premium Business Insights
8 Factor T-scores
24 Sub-factors T-scores
2 Strongest Factors
12 Workplace Insights
12 insights based on population percentage showing how individuals approach work
Inspired by Communication DNA, you'll get the keys to creating the perfect environment when communicating with someone else.
Team Reporting
This is a comprehensive behavioral report customized for your firm available for 3+ participants.
Factor and Subfactor Report
This is an in-depth 6-page PDF report highlighting the 32 Natural Behavior Factor and Subfactor scores which is available for download via the web app.
Financial Behavior Insights
Financial Behavior Insights - Basic
Basic Financial Behavior Insights allow you to see the money insights for team members.
Financial Behavior Insights - Premium
The full library of Financial Behavior Insights allows you to facilitate powerful money conversations with your staff.
System Features
Interactive Account Dashboard
Full-screen Presenter Mode
Email Alerts
Automated Reminder Emails
Client and Staff Insights
Configurable Self Registration
Basic Filtering
Filter clients and staff by Tag, Completion Status, and Unique Style.
Advanced Filtering
Filter clients and staff by Factor and Sub-factor T-score.
White Label System With Your Logo
Customize Account Color Scheme
Dark Mode
Add Divisions (Omni-channel Access)
Customize Report Names
Customize the PDF report covers on the Comparison Report, Team Report, Work Talent Report, and Financial Behavior Report.
Security, Legal and Compliance
Customize Legal Disclosure
You can add a custom legal disclosure on the participant experience.
Number of Devices Per User
For security purposes, we will limit the number of devices that can access your account.
Compliance Reviews
Have the DNA team collaborate with your team for compliance and security reviews.
If account subscription exceeds $1,000 per month.

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