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Our purpose-driven software and behavioral experts work together to best meet your business needs.

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Our app lets you toggle between insights most relevant to the employee or client experience.


Key behavioral insights can be integrated into your favorite web tools and custom applications.

Build Your Behavioral Expertise

Our behavioral experts can help you get the most out of our technology through training programs, customized workshops, webinars, and more.

Additional Resources

Reinforce your understanding of how behavioral technology can create a life-changing shift in the way people think, make decisions, run their businesses, and relate to others.

Our Business & People

Get a little background on our business and take a peek at the behavioral style reports of our team members!

The Science

Learn how we use the forced-choice scoring methodology to accurately predict natural behavior.

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Financial DNA Pricing

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One Configurable Platform. 3 Options.

Implement behavioral science into your organization with 3 scalable options depending on your need for insights, customization features, and role-based access.

There are two ways to Get Started for Free. But, if you already know what you need, select the appropriate subscription trial below.


Explore "Financial DNA" Package Options

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Individual Small Firm Office
$ 75
$ 820
per advisor

$ 145
$ 1,600
per advisor

$ 370
$ 4,080
per advisor
Package Details:
Key Insights for a Behavioral Overview
A Deep Dive Into Behavior Patterns
Organizational Features and Work Talents Insight Access
Administrative Access
Administrative staff is given read-only access to the account.
Admin Users $25 per/mo
Admin Users $30 per/mo
Admin Users $50 per/mo
  Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Start Your 14-Day Free Trial
Individual Small Firm Office
Basic Financial Insights
Unique Style
Each individual is assigned and grouped by one of the ten unique styles.
Financial 5-scores
The five most popular insights for advisors are risk behavior, spending vs saving, advisor relationships, wealth-building motivation, and financial emotional intelligence.
Risk Behavior
Risk Score, Risk Grouping, and Portfolio Structure
Compare Two People
Client-to-Client or Advisor-to-Client Comparisons with available insights
Advisor to Client Matching
Identify the perfectly matched advisor on your team to service a client.
Premium Financial Insights
Market Mood
2 Strongest Factors
8 Factor T-scores
24 Sub-factors T-scores
Preferred Contact Methods
Communication Keys
16 Behavioral Biases
Family & Business Reporting
This is a comprehensive behavioral report highlighting a group of family members in your business available for 3+ participants.
Factor and Subfactor Report
This is an in-depth 6-page PDF report highlighting the 32 Natural Behavior Factor and Subfactor scores which is available for download via the web app.
Practice Management Insights
Work Talent Insights - Basic
All of the Basic Business Insights to assist your clients with their career or manage your practice
Work Talent Insights - Premium
The full library of Premium Business Insights to facilitate your client's career transitions or manage your practice
System Features
Interactive Account Dashboard
Full-screen Presenter Mode
Email Alerts
Automated Reminder Emails
Client and Staff Insights
Configurable Self Registration
Basic Filtering
Filter Clients and Staff by Tag, Completion Status, and Unique Style.
Advanced Filtering
Filter clients and staff by Factor and Sub-factor T-score.
White Label System With Your Logo
Customize Account Color Scheme
Dark Mode
Add Divisions (Omni-channel Access)
Customize Report Names
Customize the PDF report covers on the Comparison Report, Team Report, Work Talent Report, and Financial Behavior Report.
Security, Legal and Compliance
Customize Legal Disclosure
You can add a custom legal disclosure on the participant experience.
Number of Devices Per User
For security purposes, we will limit the number of devices that can access your account.
Compliance Reviews
Have the DNA team collaborate with your team for compliance and security reviews.
If account subscription exceeds $1,000 per month.
If account subscription exceeds $1,000 per month.
If account subscription exceeds $1,000 per month.

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Client Engagement 90 Day Refund Guarantee


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