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Leadership Behavior DNA

Customize experiences with 200+ Behavioral Insights

An all-in-one platform to measure your employees’ and clients’ behavior and money attitudes to customize experiences at scale.
Behavioral Insights to Communicate Invest Work Live


  1. Powerful behavioral discovery methodology and reporting of insights:
    • Unparalleled depth and reliability of psychometric validation for 64 core behavioral traits and 4 communication styles
    • A cutting edge and holistic set of 200 behavioral insights addressing risk, spending and goal drive behaviors
  2. Flexible technology powering scalability:
    • Digital solutions for practical delivery and actionable use real-time across every employee and client
    • Unique online processes for matching employees, clients, goals, and solutions using over 1,000 benchmarks,1,000 data points and real-time events
  3. Customization of behavioral management solutions:
    • A wide range of apps delivering personalized information and analysis for individuals, leaders, and consultants
    • Capability to build your own behaviorally powered applications to solve business problems in all industries

We’ve made using DNA behavioral insights a reality in 123 countries by solving significant relationship, productivity and decision-making challenges.

What Behaviorally Smart Business Leaders are Saying about DNA’s Human Performance Acceleration solutions.

“I’ve seen from a people culture development perspective the outstanding development programs and services Business DNA brings to a company. Their tools accurately identify strengths and development opportunities, and their facilitation is top notch. Their systems help each team leader create a development plan tailored to his or her specific needs. Business DNA can make a difference in the people culture of the organization.”
– Pat Pedicini, Manager, Leadership Development & Talent Commercial Division, Australia Post, Melbourne, Australia

“DNA Behavior provides the best tools for leadership development because they help us accomplish step one – know yourself. We always use it as the foundation for all of our leadership training, coaching, and consulting as well as team development.”
– Lee Ellis, President, Leadership Freedom

“DNA Behavior excels at helping firms transform their client experience through a deeper understanding of behavior and its impact on the relationship management and wealth management processes. The firm is one of those rare businesses with the very real potential to revolutionize an industry. I have seen his potential to act as a catalyst in the growth and development of thriving independent advisory businesses firsthand, and highly recommend his firm’s services.”
– Matthew McGinness, Managing Director of Strategic Consulting, Envestnet, Inc, San Diego

“Financial DNA provides a powerful framework to help advisors build a deep relationship with their clients.”

– Deena Katz, Associate Professor at Texas Tech University

Deena Katz

Our purpose is to guide people to achieve greater self empowerment to make Behaviorally SMART decisions that accelerate their performance and result in living a quality life with meaning.

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