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Infuse Your Business with Behavior and Money Insights


Our Tech Platform Uncovers How Each Employee or Client Works, Lives, Decides, Interacts, and Relates to Money


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Behavioral Technology Trusted by 2M+ People Each Year and Organizations of All Sizes


Not Just Another Personality or Risk Profile

In one way or another, human behavior is at the root of most life and organizational problems, and therefore must be addressed with a behavioral solution. The DNA Behavior cloud-based app helps uncover a person’s behavioral identity and inherent “hard-wired” strengths to align them more ideally with the situations they encounter each day. Whether you want to optimize team performance, better understand your clients, or enhance relationships in general, this platform will help you take quantum leaps towards meeting your improvement goals.

Aligning your life, career, and financial path to your distinct style can help you find new energy and opportunities while dramatically decreasing your stress level.

Tailor Your
Client Approach

Coaches and advisors can remove the guesswork in client interactions. By knowing a client's natural communication style, talents, and attitudes about money, your language and approach can be tailored accordingly.

Form a Diverse Team
That Connects

Business leaders can use behavior and money insights to consciously align team members for improved decision-making, higher productivity, enhanced engagement, and elevated mutual respect.

Plug in Our
"Behavior Chip"

Collaborate and do business with DNA Behavior. Choose from up to 4,000 behavior and money insights to personalize your app's experience. Access resources and a developer-friendly API to power your solution.

Since 2001, DNA Behavior has powered businesses with the world's only platform focused on discovering inherent behavior and money attitudes and the driving energy that's influenced by them.


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Align People With What They Instinctively Do Best

Our system provides a fast and flexible way for any type of leader to better understand the people they engage with. Using a data-based mapping process, a person's core behavior is revealed and then broken down into an understandable range of insights unique to the individual. It shows what behaviors a person reverts to and excels at under pressure. There are countless ways to use this data to enhance role alignment, relationships, and critical decision-making.

The invariable end result of this life-changing self-awareness is improved happiness, success, and wellness.


Share the Discovery Process with Others

After you learn from your own personalized insights, the same discovery process can be shared with your team, clients, and your family to more fully unlock their potential. The unbiased insights provide a common language to address differences while breeding trust.  

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Immediately Know How to Relate to Anyone

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Unleash Your "Money Energy"

Since money is all-consuming and interconnected to every aspect of your life, we pay special attention to its influence. Our DNA Behavior systems were uniquely designed to unleash the "money energy" that can be trapped by negative money behaviors.

Building a healthy relationship with money and understanding its role in how others are motivated or held back, can cause a radical positive shift and open up a wealth of possibilities.

Learn More About Money Energy

A healthy relationship with money will not only drive wealth, but it will fuel both health and happiness.

– Hugh Massie, Chairman and Founder 

The Behavioral Diversity Advantage 

We help you go a step beyond knowledge and intuition when making decisions and building relationships. The insights gained through our discovery process can immediately be put to practical use.

Putting Insights into Action

Client Stories

Rick Kent Ami Tully Lotka Clayton Delaney

Founder & CEO

Merit Financial Advisors

Client Profiles_Rick Kent

Product: Financial DNA

Use Case: Delivers holistic financial planning and wealth management solutions for clients with Financial DNA.


Maximum Impact Partners

Client Profiles_Ami Tully Lotka

Product: Business DNA

Use Case: Unifying the sales team by using DNA insights to align people, processes, methods, and products.

Founder & CEO


Client Profiles_Clayton Delaney_

Product: ISV Partner

Use Case: Uses the DNA API to help individuals manage their complete financial picture in the Finwello app.

Read the Award-winning Book by Our Founder

Based on more than 45 years of hands-on human behavioral research and data, Chairman and Founder Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis reveal their personal stories on how they've successfully helped organizations manage human differences.

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