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The World’s Only All-in-One Behavior Tech Platform

DNA Behavior International is a behavioral sciences firm established in 2001 to empower real-time behavioral management. We use validated behavioral insights for enabling the delivery of meaningful employee and client experiences customized to their unique style.

We tackle the problem that 87% of business and life performance challenges are caused by behavioral differences. Our approach recognizes that the No 1 desire of every person is to feel understood and be treated uniquely.

Therefore, we use validated behavioral insights for empowering people and businesses worldwide to communicate more effectively and make smart decisions, capitalizing on their strengths and managing their struggles.

We deploy our proprietary “Behavior Tech Platform” directly inside businesses so that they can access on a real-time basis scalable and easy to use online behavioral management solutions to “Know, Engage and Grow” every employee and client. This fosters more client-centered businesses which deliver high performance. Our solutions represent a unique comprehensive behavioral tech and data platform with a broad spectrum of *validated* personality insights, addressing financial planning, organizational development, leadership, marketing, relationships and a variety of life situations. Among other things, we help investors, advisors, and leaders behavioralize money, minimizing emotion in crucial decisions.

We make our technology available to clients online, and we do training and consulting, virtually and in-person. Some clients incorporate our applications into their own systems; you might say we are the “behavioral chip” in their solutions. Our clients tend to be financial services firms, corporations and entrepreneurial businesses.

Also, we have a network of over 100 business channel partners and businesses we are incubating that use our online behavioral management solutions and insights as the foundation of their own processes. Our solutions impact more than 1.5 million people per year in 125 countries and 11 languages.

Our solutions are based on highly validated behavioral sciences research and delivered on cutting-edge technology platforms under 3 primary brands:

DNA Behavior founder Hugh Massie explains behavioral management solutions to grow your business.


Headed by Hugh Massie, our CEO and Founder, the DNA Leadership Team are stewards of the global DNA Community. Our DNA Leadership Team is supported by over 100 DNA Performance Advisors, who collaborate to think and act globally for serving our International clients. We host regular DNA Community Meetings to leverage knowledge and generate new behaviorally smart thinking.

High-level creative and diverse thinking, supported by concrete and structured processes, is the key talent of our team.

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie

CEO, Behavioral Strategist

Leon Morales

Leon Morales

Managing Director

Nikki Evans

Nikki Evans

CLO, Chief Learning Officer

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

CTO, Product Development & Integrations
(Reflective Thinker)

Carol Pocklington

Carol Pocklington

Chief Insights Officer

Monique Lung

Monique Lung

Business Development Accelerator

Bridgette Gary

Bridgette Gary

USA/Canada Operations Manager
(Reflective Thinker)


Bridgette Gary – USA/Canada Operations Manager (Reflective Thinker)
Bieke Godts – Netherlands/Belgium Operations Manager (Influencer)
Leah Bertulfo – Marketing Coordinator (Reflective Thinker)
Tim Watson – Product Support Specialist (Reflective Thinker)
Morena Melograna – Company Secretary (Reflective Thinker)
Helgrit Homann-Bell – Accountant (Reflective Thinker)
Karen Munro – Accountant (Facilitator)
Lisa Travis – Relationship Management Specialist (Influencer)
Dian Porter – Executive Sales Coordinator (Adapter)
Grace Davis – Relationship Management Specialist ( Reflective Thinker)


Justin De Simone, Ph.D. (Strategist)
Bill Newbolt, Ph.D. (Strategist)
Lee Ellis (Influencer)
John Guerin (Relationship Builder)


Rizwan Ahmed (Initiator)
Gaurav Soni (Stylish Thinker)
Ashwin Gaurkar (Engager)
Ujjwal Meshram (Facilitator)
Adam Vayle (Relationship Builder)
Manoj Prasad (Reflective Thinker)


We are fortunate to have in our community a range of people who regularly collaborate with us to provide guidance, innovative thinking, and feedback on the development and operation of the DNA systems and solutions:

Lee Ellis – Psychometrics and behavioral application (Influencer)
Manish Sachdeva – Technology development (Initiator)
Rizwan Ahmed – Technology management (Initiator)
Rick Helbing – Advisor and client user experience (Influencer)
Frank Danielson – Advisor and client user experience (Strategist)
Malcolm LeLievre – Business user experience and workflow (Initiator)
Beth Miller – Business user experience (Influencer)
Mike Beduze – Family user experience (Initiator)
Craig Pfeiffer – Financial services industry navigation (Influencer)
Deena Katz – Financial services industry navigation (Adapter)
John Morgan – Business Development (Initiator)
Drew Plant – Public Relations (Engager)

We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team. Learn more about working at DNA Behavior International and apply for a job today.

We Accelerate Human Performance in 123 Countries.

Primary Business Markets
  • United States
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Singapore
  • European Union
  • China
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Malaysia

Our Strategic Integrations

We have established mutual collaboration arrangements with international businesses which integrate our human behavior solutions into their technology platforms and marketing programs.

Salesforce, San Francisco, CA

TD Ameritrade, San Diego, CA

Schwab Market Square, San Francisco

University Affiliations

We have established a number of affiliations with leading Universities. We’re committed to educating students in building personal performance and client centered financial planning. And the universities conduct ongoing behavioral finance research and continued validation of the DNA Behavior Discovery Processes.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Texas Tech University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Liberty University

The DNA Behavior Methodology and Research

Our system is designed to reliably assess 8 major personality factors as well as 24 related sub-factors. These behavior measurements are more specific than Costa and McCrae’s (1985) measure of the “Big Five” and other personality inventories. The DNA Behavior Discovery process excels at capturing how people make decisions, interact and build relationships, set and achieve goals, how to manage different risks and learning styles.

          • The most academically sound psychometric model for reliably predicting behavior is a properly constructed Forced-Choice Scoring Model.
          • The traditionally used questionnaire formats have been academically proven to not produce sufficiently accurate or reliable predictions of behavior.
          • The traditionally used formats allow for self promotion and a higher chance of faking.
          • Independent academic research shows that the inflation of scores under a traditional questionnaire format is one standard deviation higher than under a Forced-Choice (Ipsative) format.

The DNA Behavior Performance Guarantee

As a worldwide preferred solution provider, our DNA Behavior Discovery System has help businesses become “behaviorally smart” through matching their personnel to teams, teams to customers and clients to solutions offered.

The most common question we get is, “Will my customers or clients be engaged in the process?” We back our service with a “Client Engagement 90 Day Refund Guarantee”. Click the button below for more details.

Having trouble deciding?

Then please give us a chance to walk our talk and minimize the risks in your decision. Connect with us today for a discussion and a trial of one of our internationally recognized DNA Behavior assessments that is relevant to your needs.


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