Hugh Massie’s Presentations & Events

Hugh Massie’s presentations are universal in encouraging advisors and business leaders to discover how their behaviors and money attitudes intensify in high-stakes interactions.

Participants will experience how behavior can be used to guide and liberate advisors, leaders, families, and investors so that they can accelerate achieving their goals and improving performance.

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie

Chairman & CEO, DNA Initiator, Behavioral Finance Insights Pioneer, Award-Winning Author, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, Devoted Dad, and Keen Golfer

The inspirational and thought-provoking topics Hugh presents include:

  • Financial EQ – Leveraging Financial Personality Insights to Manage Performance
  • Leveraging a Behavior Tech Stack – Moving Beyond the Screen to Customize Experiences

Hugh also delivers a series of behavioral interviews and workshops making behavioral insights experiential:

  • Behaviorally SMART Business Decision-Making
  • Behaviorally SMART Financial Advice
  • Behaviorally SMART Leadership
  • Behaviorally SMART Entrepreneurship
  • Behaviorally SMART Families
  • Behaviorally SMART Marketing

Behavior Made Practical

Hugh Massie’s presentations and events demonstrate how validated behavioral insights can be practically used to know, engage, and grow people for transforming business and personal performance.

Helping Leaders Re-Think and Re-shape their Teams

In the new behavioral economy, leaders, employees, and consumers are now recognizing the influence of combining human behavioral and economic insights to improve bottom-line business, financial, and life performance.

What’s Hugh been up to?

Recent changes in international travel due to COVID-19 forced Hugh to adapt and take his Behaviorally SMART speaking virtual.

Hugh launched the Behaviorally SMART YouTube series where he has conversations with leaders and professionals to identify how their talents and EQ will play a role in maximizing their impact on the world.

Hugh’s Discussion with Danny Liberatore from Raymond James

Hugh’s Behaviorally SMART Presentations & Events:

National Advisor Trust

National Advisors Trust – Advisor Networking Event


Chase Innovation Event, Ashford Dunwoody and Ravinia


Tiger 21: San Diego, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Washington, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville


Entrepreneurs’ Organization: Houston, Miami, New York


MLC Centre, Sydney


Behaviorally SMART Investing, CMT


Emory University, Atlanta

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas, Atlanta


Purposeful Planning Institute, Denver


AMP, Sydney