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Hugh Massie Newsletter 2017 v1

CEO Year End Newsletter

At this time of year, I want to thank all of you, our clients and partners, for supporting DNA Behavior. We’ve had another exceptional year of growth and could not have done it without you believing in our purpose of guiding people all over the world to become “behaviorally smart” in their life, work and decision-making.

“If you are not prepared to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”
– Jon Rohn

In today’s fast-paced tech world the demand to innovate your business model has never been higher. This expectation is why we are continuing to take substantial risks in how we develop our behavioral technology platform so that a greater range of businesses can access specific sets of our validated people insights on a real-time basis to power their business platform.

This year, we completed a number of game-changing technology integrations with third-party business partners which digitize the use of behavioral insights, and we have laid the foundation for much more to be completed in 2018. This is enabling us to be part of delivering highly scalable services in the areas of:

  • Customizing client experiences
  • Wealth management and investment
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Patient healthcare
  • Recruiting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career development
  • University course selection and more

Further, through these technology integrations, we are continually enhancing our connection to broader business ecosystems which is contributing to the exponential demand for our services.

One of our big initiatives in 2017 was to build algorithms which “put personality into big data.” Working with a number of strategic partners on this, we have now cracked the code on how to help businesses segment their databases of clients, prospects, and employees to deliver customized experiences in every interaction. Ultimately, the future is in helping businesses transform big data into small data to improve client and employee engagement.

Another strategic development this year for our business has been to follow the “less is more” principle and develop customized 1-page DNA reports for each of our enterprise clients. We will be working in 2018 to make this opportunity available to all of our corporate users. What we have achieved is a much higher level of behavioral understanding and buy-in from every participant in the first instance, and a higher degree of ownership for the enterprise deploying the discovery process.

This year we performed a ground-breaking research study on the natural hard-wired behaviors which are necessary for entrepreneurial success (“entrepreneurial genetics”). The highlight was discovering the importance of resilience over risk-taking, creativity, work ethic and charisma. Please feel free to visit Business DNA Entrepreneurship to download our e-book documenting this research. I will be speaking at a lot of conferences in 2018 on Mastering Your Entrepreneurial Style.

Also, I have stepped up our work on helping investors take the emotion out of investing through the design of strategies which overcome the inherent behavioral biases that typically get in the way of performance. It has been fun to present these insights to investors and advisors during 2017, and a lot more will be happening in 2018.

Finally, I am very proud of my team who have learned to work well together to pick up the ball and implement three major technology integrations for new enterprise accounts in different countries. We have mastered the building of strong technology and customer service processes on a 24 by seven basis to manage this.

While digitizing the delivery of behavioral insights is a giant leap forward for us, we are nevertheless working on enhancing our core certification training programs so that “DNA Certified” becomes an industry standard people delivering human performance related services will have a strong desire to obtain.

Remember, you cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. Our team looks forward to serving you to build a stronger “know, engage and grow” platform in your organization during 2018 and beyond.

To you and your families, have a wonderful holiday season.

Office Address: 5901-A Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Suite 375 – Atlanta, GA 30328

With the Power of Personality, Make Clients Goals a Reality

With the power of personality, make clients goals a reality


The greatest challenge to families setting goals is their behavior. Naturally, each member will have their own views, but only the most outspoken and take-charge individuals will command the stage. And managing these discussions while building group consensus is a skill that only the best-equipped advisors can navigate.

We were recently approached by a wealth management firm to develop a goals-based discovery process to address the gap in building group consensus amongst multiple individuals. Their objective was to help advisors of any skill level to objectively identify the goals of clients while having them participate in the goal-setting process. The DNA Product team and I supercharged this feature request. We’ve now added the power of personality to make the client’s goals a reality.

Introducing the Financial DNA Goals Discovery.

About the process:

The Financial DNA Goals Discovery is a step-by-step approach to help clients review and set goals based on their personality traits, risk profile and behavioral biases. This process allows clients to participate in the financial planning process by independently identifying their own goals, and then set them by evaluating the time-horizon. The process covers all areas of client’s life, from health to wealth, to provide a balanced analysis of all important life goals.

Client Experience:

The Goals Discovery is a web-based tool that can be added to your website or sent via email to the client. To ensure everyone’s goals and views are heard, it is imperative that each person completes the process (yes, even in the case of couples/families…). Clients spend approximately 10-minutes on an experiential review of possible goals in 6 categories. Next, each goal is designated as either a Need or “Want,” and then either “Short-Term” or “Long-Term.”

Goal Categories:

  1. Career & Business
  2. Relationships
  3. Health
  4. Recreation
  5. Community
  6. Financial

Using this tool inside your firm:

The objective of this tool is to increase the suitability of advice firm-wide, elevate discussions with clients, and to ensure that each family member is heard. The outcome of this discovery process are powerful insights for both the individual client and their family as a whole and to be a value-added engagement tool for your firm.

This feature goes live April 7th, 2017. Schedule a demo to preview it!

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How our Wealth Mentors Serve the World’s Families from the Inside Out

Family Wealth Management is not just about dealing with the money. It is also about family purpose, passing down the values, creating a legacy and importantly a great family Quality Life based on healthy relationships. Sounds routine enough, but it’s not easy. To be successful, very experienced and non-biased family facilitators are needed.

Some of our leading Wealth Mentors who have been using the Financial DNA systems for years have mastered the ability to guide families in addressing the unique blend of:

  1. Relationship continuity (the priority)
  2. Values continuity (the priority)
  3. Business continuity
  4. Financial continuity
  5. Philanthropic continuity

One of our Master Wealth Mentors is Mike Beduze who has developed a series of family mentoring and development programs and tools under the Da Vinci Global Consulting brand. To learn more, click on the following link:

DVGC 2017 New Services v1.1

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New reports, new first impressions

You asked, and we listened.

Last year, we were asked to give the DNA reports a facelift. We agree that first impressions matter so the products team and I spent the month of January working hand in hand with a graphic design firm to give the DNA Reports a major facelift.

At the end of March, the Financial DNA, Business DNA , and Communication DNA reports will all have new report covers which will align with all of the supporting marketing and training collateral we provide.

Our products team currently has their sleeves rolled up converting all of the current co-branding settings to work with the new reports. When this feature goes live, your existing co-branding will appear on the new report, automatically, in the same spot, with the same size and clarity.

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Welcome Home Resumes and DNA Behavior Announce Integration Partnership Broadening the Human Resource Experience by Combining Behavioral Insights, Career Coaching, and Job Training.

Welcome Home Resumes (WHR), a non-profit committed to coaching, training and placing veterans into non-minimum wage jobs for successful entry into civilian life, and DNA Behavior (DNAB), the behavioral intelligence business platform that turns personality insights into performance, today announced the availability of an integration between the two human services platforms.

Connecting WHRs coaching and training program, 30-Day Boot Camp Program and DNABs cloud-based behavioral assessment system, Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery, allows HR Professionals to provide a complete assessment of a candidate’s experience, talents and strengths to best coach them through the job training and placement process.

Veteran unemployment is an issue that has plagued the US since WW2. The result of failed systems and policies has led to the underemployment, homelessness and, at times, incarceration of some of our veterans. These are highly qualified individuals that performed a variety of complex tasks while serving in the military. The pay scale should accurately reflect the skills acquired through training and experience.

WHRs unique position as a non-profit supporting not only the vet but also the spouse and children free of charge for life sets it apart from other transitional programs. A career coach prepares the veteran for civilian employment using the WHR training program. This includes resume preparation, interview skills, career identification based on skills and one-on-one coaching. Plus a committed team of job recruiters/headhunters assists in sourcing viable jobs, procuring leads and other income producing opportunities. Joseph Corsino, Founder of Welcome Home Resumes, adds “Traditional paper resumes have their purpose, but we harness today’s technology to the advantage of our veterans so they can stand above the rest.”

Taking personalized career placement up a notch are the behavioral insights gained through the Business DNA Natural Behavior Discovery Process. The personality traits, strengths-based talents, and communication styles of the vet and their support network help to identify best potential roles and job fit within a given organization. Also, identifying core behavioral talents aids in structuring the best way to coach and train our vets to the next level of their career path.

While we recognize that no amount of money can fully compensate a veteran for their service, the Welcome Home Resumes and DNA Behavior teams are committed to helping all of those who have served to build upon their given talents and skill sets for finding the best employment possible to have a more successful transition into civilian life. Hugh Massie, DNA Behaviors CEO says: We are so committed to this program because of our purpose of helping people unlock their human potential and to Live With Meaning. The WHR program is one big step to helping our veterans recalibrate in the community to be productive and achieve their goals with enhanced fulfillment.

Welcome Home Resumes, founded in 2012, has processed 650+ veterans in non-minimum wage jobs with a 47% success rate – significantly higher than other existing programs – for a successful re-entry into civilian life.

DNA Behavior, founded in 2001, delivers practical and scalable behavioral intelligence solutions to Know, Engage and Grow every employee and client online in over 123 countries through 11 languages and has 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes under 3 primary brands: Communication DNA, Business DNA, and Financial DNA.

Contact: Tripp Rockwell, DNA Behavior International (866) 791-8992; Debbie Faris Welcome Home Resumes (561) 809-7140


2017 Trends – Letter from our CEO

At this time of year, I want to thank all of you, our clients and partners, for supporting DNA Behavior. We’ve had an exceptional year and could not have done it without you believing in our mission of guiding people all over the world to become “behaviorally smart” in life, business and financially.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion.
- Jack Welch

Fifteen years ago, talks about how scientifically based behavioral insights could be used to help people make better decisions, improve communication and grow with greater self-awareness and empowerment were met with glazed eyes. Today, I do not have to be an evangelist for new thinking. People are far more accepting of the power of human behavior in transforming personal and business performance.

In 2017 and the years beyond, our company will be driven by the following trends:

  1. Requiring financial services businesses (and others) to be client-centered, providing, even more, investor and consumer protection
  2. Strengthening operational risk management
  3. Delivering customized experiences (with robotic support), not just another commodity
  4. Improving productivity and workplace engagement through tailored strengths-based talent management

To meet these challenges, we have heavily invested in the “digitalization” of behavioral insights generated by our people analytics platform. We’re now providing:

  • A broader range of API connections to businesses, across multiple fields, so that they can be powered by a behaviorally smart Intel chip.
  • The delivery of a turnkey online wealth-mentoring program, behavioralizing every dimension of the financial planning process through all phases of the client life cycle.
  • Even more business analytics tools, integrating a deeper and broader range of behavioral insights for enhanced risk management and productivity improvement.
  • Remember, you cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. Our team looks forward to serving you to build a stronger “know, engage and grow” platform in your organization during 2017 and beyond.

To you and your families, have a wonderful holiday season.



Office Address: 5901-A Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Suite 375 – Atlanta, GA 30328