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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On FINRA Firm Culture

It has been more than seven years since the financial crisis, yet some firms continue to have significant violations due to poor cultures of compliance, FINRA Chairman and Chief Executive Richard Ketchum said in a statement. This year, FINRA will be looking for firms to focus on their culture and whether it is putting customers […]

Investment Committees through the Behavioral Intelligence Lens

Most investment committees have a very clear mission: Serve as stewards for assets of the organization they represent. Recruiting the right people to do that is critical to the success of the Investment Committee. But how do we define “right”? Is it a professional background? Education? Investment knowledge? And where does the diversity lens come […]

Clients Enjoy Participating in the DNA Behavior Discovery

The question we are most often asked is “will my client want to participate in the Financial DNA Discovery Process?” Our Wealth Mentors have had very few clients resist participating. The reality is people do enjoy learning about themselves. It can even help in their business and personal lives. It is liberating for them to […]