New Communication DNA App for Salesforce Puts Personality in the CRM

Communication DNA puts behavioral intelligence about customers and employees at the fingertips of Salesforce users to increase business performance.

Most successful businesses understand the importance of engaging their customers and employees for improving business performance. But what steps should they take to increase engagement levels from customers and employees?

To provide a tangible solution to this problem, we created Communication DNA and are now excited to announce the launch of our Communication DNA app which is now available for test drive and download on the Salesforce CRM AppExchange.

Behavioral CRM, CRM Communication, Customer Engagement, CRM Customer EngagementCommunication DNA for Salesforce is a customer engagement app that identifies emotional decision-making patterns of customers and employees to allow for the real-time customization of sales, marketing and client service activities. Having access to the behavioral data provided by Communication DNA enables business leaders, sales teams, financial advisors, customer service and marketing service providers can now access behavioral data provided by Communication DNA through their CRM to navigate the human differences in their business.

The strategic partnership between Salesforce and DNA Behavior leverages the power of innovative cloud technologies and cutting-edge behavioral research. Also it allows all of Salesforce CRMs 100,000+ business users to tap into a highly scalable human behavior solution so that they can more easily deliver customized life-long experiences to each of their customers on a scalable basis.

We have invested over 60 years of research and development in developing our behavioral insights and systems and a key finding from our behavioral research is that every sales person has a 60% behavioral performance gap in their area or territory. There are 40% of customers that a sales person inherently does not connect with and a further 40% that they will partially connect with. So, without behavioral awareness and modification the typical sales person could be under performing by 60%.

Communication DNA helps close this behavioral gap with a cutting edge turnkey system that can be deployed to discover who the customer is through 12 forced choice questions answered online with the output directly available in the customers account on the Force platform at the sales persons finger tips. Further, the Force platform can then be programmed with alerts and other features so a customized experience is provided to the customer with minimal effort and training of the sales person.
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Research shows businesses that implement the Communication DNA App can achieve business performance gains of 40% in personal productivity for sales and service people, 70% in team productivity and a 23% increase in revenue.

The Communication DNA app is the first customer-centered human behavioral solution to be directly integrated onto the Salesforce platform. Which means that for the first time Salesforce and its business customers will have the capability to incorporate behavioral intelligence into the CRM which is deeper than just the customers historical spending patterns. The CRM will no longer just be a database of customer factual details it will have personality and be able to talk with the customer in a more unique way. This is what has been missing from most CRMs and sales systems.

Click here to test drive the Communication DNA app (a Salesforce account is not required).

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Managing the New Customer Engagement World

The new concept that businesses have to address is that customer engagement begins when it begins. No longer does customer engagement begin when a prospect walks in the front door or makes the first phone call. Customer engagement can start a long time before a purchase is made with people connecting to your business through various online mediums. Further, customers may not be as loyal to a brand as they once were, and certainly are more selective about the brands they will engage with through their life.

Given this new environment what is important for businesses to realize is that a lot more structure, focus and work has to be applied to customer engagement across the whole enterprise. Every area of the business must be involved and there needs to be a central co-ordination point which reports to the President and the Board. Customer engagement cannot just be one of those functions of marketing ? it must become a pillar of the business.

For a great article on how to structure customer engagement at the epicenter of your business read Five no regrets moves for superior customer engagement by Tom French at McKinsey :
French shows you the role of customer engagement summits, councils, chief content officers, listening centers, and budgets in building the customer engagement foundations.

Of course, once you have established the organizational structure then knowing the customer and providing them with customized experiences to keep them engaged is very critical. This starts with knowing the customers natural DNA behavior to understand how to communicate with them and what their solution preferences are. Businesses from financial and professional services to retailers to real estate agents are starting to value their customers enough to go down this path and structure behavioral discovery in their customer engagement process. Importantly, the bottom line rewards of building deeper levels of customer engagement are huge ? The Gallup Organization is saying there is a 23% sales premium on emotionally engaging your customers let alone the additional bottom line benefits of also emotionally engaging your employees.

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Social Networking ? the new Cornerstone of Business in the 21st Century and beyond

Social Networking is here to stay; its becoming the cornerstone of the way we do business in the 21st Century and beyond.

At the top of every business strategic planning meeting should be the following:

Item 1 ? how can we increase revenue by leveraging social networking across the business (not just in the marketing department)?

Consider the following thoughts:

    • Do you see social media as a useful tool in marketing but not much more beyond that?
    • Is your social networking strategy highly targeted?
    • Are the interactions you have with customers delivering sustained outcomes?
    • How successful to your business bottom line are the two-way conversations you are currently having through social channels?

Press Releases and Brochures

  • How much more successful would your marketing strategies be if they were more effectively targeted to your audience and ultimately made better use of your marketing and communication $.
  • Does your social networking empower your staff to be able to engage more effectively with each other and with customers?
  • How is social networking being utilized in your business? Do you use it to break down internal departmental silos?
  • What tools have you invested into for your frontline staff?
  • How would business grow by matching staff to customers?

The addition of Communication DNA to your social media will unlock your business for revenue growth by navigating the human differences in your business and discovering and aligning the different communication styles, behaviors and solution preferences of your diverse customers and employees.

Using Communication DNA enables your business to have customized and focused conversations with millions of people. Businesses will be able to discover the emotional decision-making patterns of customers and employees to allow for the real time customization of sales, marketing and customer service activities using cutting-edge technology platforms.

Communication DNA can make 1 to 1 customer conversations count by ensuring no part of the exchange is lost. Communication DNA matches advisors to clients, sales staff to customers, product and services to the individual providing an engaging process at all levels of interaction to acquire and retain loyal relationships.

Random messaging and exchanges can make or break relationships and business opportunities instantaneously. Businesses that implement the Communication DNA app can achieve business performance gains of 40% in personal productivity for sales and service people, 70% in team productivity and a 23% increase in revenue.

Communication DNA gives you laser focused insight into how to conduct conversations between customers and employees. It puts influence into the hands of staff enabling them to engage more effectively with each other and with customers.

Communication DNA empowers employees in your sale, service and development teams to join forces to build effective customer relationships and experiences.

Communication DNA enables you to build deeper and more effective relationships by engaging with customers at the most critical point of reference ? the first time they contact you.

Communication DNA delivers to businesses the ability to segment their customer base and their staff in a way that fundamentally changes the way you do business.

To learn more, please visit the Communication DNA website.