Performance Pulse Checking with Colleagues

Yesterday, in the office we were all reviewing our Performance Capacities using the new Performance Index Pulse Check tool.

In short, the exercise is to quickly rate yourself a 1 to 5 on 20 short phrases which are grouped in 4 categories: Direction, Confidence, Emotional Engagement, and Wisdom. After rating yourself you then easily calculate a Raw Score. Using this Raw Score, you are able to plot yourself on a graph and compare yourself to the population, see how you measure up against everyone else and then evaluate items of which you would like to improve upon in the future.

After we had completed the 3 minute exercise to estimate our own performance capacity, Rischa Trent and I discussed our individual results.

We both found it quite fun and interesting to compare the results of our capacities, particularly how different the outcomes would have been if the exercise called for us to rate each other. If I had rated Rischa, her capacity would have come out drastically higher, and vice versa. This turned an interesting spin on our conversation as we concluded that this could only mean that we had room to be more confident with our self-perceptions.

In the end, I determined the key areas I will personally work on would be my confidence and Emotional Engagement. By raising my Raw Score by only a couple of points I could drastically improve my overall Performance Capacity.

I plan to periodically revisit this exercise and strive for subtle improvements year after year. For 2011 this will be in the areas of: Adapting my communications to others preferences [Emotional Engagement], leading engagement conversations [Emotional Engagement] and taking actions proactively [Confidence].

What is your performance capacity now? What performance goals have you set for yourself in 2011?