Malcolm Le Lievre - Managing Partner, Australia and New Zealand

Human Behavior Strategist, Customer Experience Specialist, Human Capital Management

Malcolm Le  Lievre,  DNA Behavior blog contributor

Malcolm is a Human Behavior Strategist at DNA Behavior, and a leading human capital management advisor with the goal to unlock talent in people and their organizations.

The DNA Behavior® Discovery Processes are a key component in Malcolm's delivery process, enabling behavioral intelligence to be operationalized at the fingertips of every person in the business to deepen engagement in each human interaction, improve business productivity and help grow a behaviorally smart business.

Malcolm's Passion

Malcolm is passionate about growing businesses and liberating people and organizations to perform to their maximum. He works as a trusted-advisor providing transformational strategies under the themes of Knowing Yourself, Knowing your Customer and Knowing Your Business. He is a big believer in the concept of Behavior Driving Performance and holds a fundamental belief that the answers to an individual or an organizations challenges often lies in the latent talent within.

Malcolm's DNA Natural Behavior Style is - Initiator

Initiator’s have a strong focus on defining and achieving pioneering goals that lead to change. An Initiator’s style is to be fast paced, assertive, confident, and logical. They lead through visionary thinking and are not afraid to take risks or strong action to achieve results.

Profile Type, Performance Strengths, Performance Struggles, Human Behavior


Malcolm is a seasoned corporate executive and business advisor, helping businesses create and deliver their future. He achieves this through enhancing performance across the key areas of leadership, strategy, engagement, people, process and systems.  The focus is on transforming the client or customer experience both internally and externally.

Malcolm has served as the Deputy Head of a $2.5bn Australasian Business Group, Integration Director for a large merger, Commercial & Strategy Director, Director and GM of a Sino-Foreign JV, Leader of Global Strategy Team, and Senior Project Director among other roles and held these positions working in Australia, UK, New Zealand and China.


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