Lee Ellis

Lee Ellis is the founder and President of Leadership Freedom. He is a management consultant, a leadership coach and for more than 10 years has been a pioneer in assessment development.

Lee's Passion

"The great irony is that the more we use technology, the more important people become. Everyone can buy technology, but leaders must attract and inspire talented people to succeed. Furthermore, all the evidence suggests that good relationships contribute directly to achieving and sustaining high results. Whether you call it people skills or emotional intelligence, the bottom line is that those who truly understand themselves and others have an edge on success."

Lee's DNA Natural Behavior Style is - Influencer

Lee's DNA Natural Behavior Style is Influencer, a style that focuses on achieving results through people and relationships. Influencers are gifted at communicating new ideas with optimism and confidence, and lead by building strong relationships to inspire others to greater heights.

Profile Type, Performance Strengths, Performance Struggles, Human Behavior


Before founding Leadership Freedom, Lee was a co-founder of RightPath Resources and led a team to research, develop, and validate a vocational assessment package and two new personality assessments now known as RightPATH 4 Profile and RightPATH 6 Profile. He was instrumental in adapting these assessments for business uses and writing reports that would provide powerful management solutions. Since 1995 he has managed software and Internet profile development. Lee has over 24 years experience in leadership training and education and has authored and co-authored a number of books on career guidance. Lee's most recent book Leading Talents, Leading Teams incorporates much of his experience in leadership, teambuilding, and career planning.


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